Guessing games

A HuffPo contributor speculates:

Cheney’s scowling visage is becoming an embarrassment to Bush. I’m betting that he will ask Cheney to step aside before long for Arizona Sen. John McCain, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or even Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or former New York Mayor Rudy Giuilani, thus instantly boosting his dismal standings in the public approval polls and breathing new life into a presidency that now seems on life support.

As long as we’re playing this game, how about a scenario in which Cheney resigns and Bush nominates … Joe Lieberman?

The Senate is thrown back to the Republicans,* and Holy Joe gives the big middle finger to everyone who dared to vote against him.

*More accurately, as August just pointed out to me, making the Senate 50/50 with the tie-breaking vote cast by … Vice President Lieberman.