Party of Fools

The positive press that the Democrats have been receiving for their “First 100 Hours” initiative really underscores the foolishness of the GOP’s political strategy of the past few years. It may have seemed like a brilliant idea to pander to their base at the time, but in hindsight, it makes them look like a bunch of idiots. You’ve won the battles, but losing the war gentlemen.

The GOP has spent the last few decades bashing the “Democrat(ic) party” as a bunch of out-of-control liberals and comforted themselves with the talking point that the country was moving to the right. The result? They’re controlled by the radical right while the Dems have been transformed into a party of Liebermen (and Liber-women). Thanks to the dynamic the GOP has put into place, the choices at the polls are rarely right vs. left, but extreme right vs. gutless centrist. With the Democrats finally being empowered to get some work done and stand up for themselves, the Republican party’s flaws are becoming clearer and clearer to the American people.

Which brings us to the “First 100 Hours”. Looking at this summary of the Dem’s agenda, the only thing shocking is how obvious every one of these proposals is. Raising the minimum wage for the first time in ten years. Enacting 9/11 Commission recommendations. Lowering prescription drug costs and student loans. Funding stem cell research. These aren’t wedge issues, they’re just common sense. The fact that these issues have been ignored while the Washington elite were busying themselves with Schiavo, Abramoff, and Foley will underscore how clueless the GOP has become.

What we’re seeing now is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare. The Democrats are defining themselves not just by what they would do, but specifically by what the Republicans wouldn’t do. And if they think this is bad, wait until the Democrats get into oversight mode and start investigating the scandals the GOP didn’t try to sweep under the rug like extraordinary rendition, war profiteering, signing statements, etc. This is going to be a fun year.