For Bush supporters, the glass is always half full!

1. David Limbaugh: “It’s easy to dismiss [Democrats’] appeasement mindset now since we haven’t confirmed Saddam had new stockpiles of WMD … ”

Sadly No response: “‘Haven’t confirmed’ is one way to put it. I also haven’t confirmed leprechauns flying out of my pants, although I’m open to any new reports.”

2. White House Homeland Security Adviser Frances Frago Townsend: (The capture of bin Laden is) ” a success that hasn’t occurred yet.”

Washington Monthly commenter: “My sleeping with Halle Berry is also a success that hasn’t occured yet.”

3. Blogger Jeff Goldstein: “Let them, for one brief moment, bracket their partisan aggressions and reflect on what the US and its allies have done in removing this butcher from power—which, contrary to received wisdom, has made Iraq a far better place, if only for the moment potentially.”

LGM response: And as the year ends, I will reflect on and celebrate the fact that I made a trillion dollars this year, if only for the moment potentially.

The world sure looks different when you wear your Red State Spex!