They always bury the lede

Last paragraph in this New York Times article:

Other tents branching off the main room house the intelligence section, or G-2 (where CNN is on constantly); the air support unit, which coordinates with F-18 fighters, Harrier jump jets and helicopters of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing; the logistics section; and a liaison section, which coordinates among others with the engineers, chemical and biological experts and the British troops who today took over the positions the marines had established further south in the oil fields.

See it?

They’re watching CNN. Not even the Marines trust Fox News.

It makes me think of the split between editorial and news in the Wall Street Journal, a paper which has some of the best reporting in all of journalism, alongside some of the most ludicrous editorials — because the businessmen to whom that paper is targeted may enjoy the editorial page’s flights of fancy, but when it comes to making investment decisions, they need actual information, not ideological posturing.

(Not that I mean to praise CNN here, but at least they are, more or less, a news network, unlike Fox, which is a propaganda outlet posing as a news network.)