The international army of killer billionaires

Be sure to go back and read the stupidest thing ever written, produced by the Weekly Standard on April 21, 2003 (via Mahablog). It’s their 1000-word sneer about all the soft-brained tree-hugging peacenik Saddam-lovers who’d claimed this wasn’t going to be The Most Fun War Ever. For instance, it quotes what it calls “the world community of jackasses” saying preposterous things like:

“[I]f President Bush thinks our invasion and occupation will go smoothly because Iraqis will welcome us, then [he] is deluding himself”—Nicholas D. Kristof, October 4, 2002

Wow, how humiliating to have said that.

But while it’s always tempting to sneer back at the 23 year-old Dartmouth Review alumni who produced this rancid offalicious brawn, I’m getting tired of that. The problem isn’t the individual pinheads who produced this. As my friend Rob says, they grow these people in vats. Maybe you could shame these particular ninnies into foreswearing all forms of communication with others until the day they die. But who cares? Rupert Murdoch would just go to the vats in the back and pluck a few freshly-hatched cretins.

In other words, the real problem is the International Army Of Killer Billionaires who own our media. When their lackeys write things like this, it isn’t some kind of “mistake.” They’ll never be fired for being nimrods, because being nimrods is the job for which the Killer Billionaires hired them.