A couple items of business. As noted above, the window on signed prints closes soon. Also as noted, some new holiday-ish items in the store“Happy War on Christmas” cards and 2007 calendars.

Finally, I’ve got some stuff up on eBay. A couple of rare posters from gallery shows I’ve had, and also just some general detritus from the cluttered attic of my life. Special bonus for readers of this site: I’ll throw in a signed print (of my choice) for any of these auctions, even the non-TMW-related stuff, whose closing price is over $40 — if the winning bidder mentions the offer.

… oops, forgot one thing: Hell in a Handbasket would make a lovely holiday gift, if I do say so myself. And for reasons too insidery and annoying to explain at the moment, an extra boost from holiday sales would have an enormous impact on my future publishing prospects.