Everything in politics is very simple, except of course when it involves me and my friends, when suddenly the world is filled with shades of grey

There’s one thing we know about Doug “Fucking Stupidest Guy on the Face of the Earth” Feith: he’s not afraid to make stark moral judgments.

For instance, here’s Feith in a 2002 speech:

However much the language of morality elicits sniffs from some of our sophisticated critics abroad and at home, we don’t flinch from using it. Moral clarity is a strategic asset.

Here’s a bit of his 2003 article “Strategy and the Idea of Freedom”:

President Reagan’s talk of democracy and good-versus-evil and his exhortation to tear down the Berlin Wall were widely criticized, even ridiculed, as unsophisticated and de-stabilizing. But it’s now widely understood as having contributed importantly to the greatest victory in world history…

God, I can’t wait until he finds out about this new Washington Post op-ed, with its moral relativism and mealy-mouthed equivocation! I bet he’s going to EXCORIATE it!

Rumsfeld is a bundle of paradoxes, like a fascinating character in a work of epic literature. And as my high school teachers drummed into my head, the best literature reveals that humans are complex. They are not the all-good or all-bad, all-brilliant or all-dumb figures that inhabit trashy novels and news stories. Fine literature teaches us the difference between appearance and reality.

— “The Donald Rumsfeld I Know,” by Douglas J. Feith

ALSO: I wonder if by giving this piece the title “The Donald Rumsfeld I Know,” headline writers at the Post were having a little fun with Feith.