You think I’m kidding?

As I write this, Lieberman is on Hannity’s show, expressing his gratitude for the latter’s support.

…and the need to reach across the aisle and “get things done.” Related cartoon here.

…he and Sean are chuckling about the need for civility — on the left. Has Lieberman ever listened to Hannity’s show?

…more Republicans than Democrats voted for Lieberman, by almost ten points.

…he feels like he got a mandate yesterday “to work with anybody with whom I can find common ground to,” yes, “get things done.”

…”Looking for new ways to show how independent I am.” I fucking bet.

…”You cannot in life, and certainly not in politics, forget who your friends are.”

…”You know I’m a big admirer of yours!” (To Hannity.)

Here’s where establishment Dems fucked up: Lieberman is going to be just as big a pain in their ass as if they had stripped him of his seniority the day after the primary and thrown the party’s full support and weight behind Lamont — and at least if they’d done that, there would have been a better chance that they’d have an actual Democrat as their (being optimistic) 51st vote in the Senate, and not somebody who goes on the fucking Sean Hannity show to express his gratitude to Republicans for his victory.