Jeez, this Republican crybaby crap over John Kerry’s comments is just pathetic. It’s amazing to me that the GOP has a reputation for toughness when they throw temper tantrums over meaningless shit. Watching the President of the United States use his bully pulpit to shed crocodile tears is just embarrassing. Maybe the Democrats should just go silent in this last week before the election, lest we bruise the feelings of those delicate little flowers in the Republican party.

As far as the substance of Kerry’s remarks, I don’t give a damn what he said. The only reason this is getting any play at all is because the media and right-wing are desperate to turn Democratic momentum on its head. If the GOP can get people to spend the last week of the election obsessing over the smug jerk from Taxachussets, then they might change a few independent minds. Moreover, the media love, love, love the “Democrats are a house divided” storyline and will jump on any Democrat who says something like “I disagree with Sen. Kerry’s remarks”.

We’ve seen this exact same scenario unfold countless times in response to similarly “controversial” remarks by Howard Dean, Al Gore, and others. If Republicans were so concerned about civility, why would they support racist ads like the ones accusing Democrats of wanting to murder black babies? The GOP sickening and deliberate attempts to distract voters from the real issues in this race shows how little respect they have for voters. The American people aren’t stupid. They’re tired of the GOP’s manufactured outrage machine.