Yesterday in New York City

My friends and I stood along the sidelines for about forty minutes, watching a seemingly endless crowd of protesters march down Sixth Ave. We joined the march at about 30th street, walked down to Union Square, ducked out for a longish lunch, and came back out expecting to catch the tail end of the march — but it was still going on, still with no end in sight.

There were a whole lot of people out there yesterday. This being New York, there must have been someone up on a rooftop somewhere who took some photographs which show the extent of the crowd, so please send links if you have them — I’m not seeing any on the news sites. I guess it just didn’t occur to them to try to get an aerial shot.

Here’s an article from the Times, and here’s one from the AP (headlined, oddly, “Tens of Thousands in US Protest War” — when by the article’s own admission, there were at least a hundred thousand in New York City alone).