Another Trebekistan review

Congratulations to Bob for yet another nice review of Prisoner of Trebekistan…this time in a tiny, obscure publication called the New York Times:

Harris has been, among other things, a stand-up comic, and it shows in his book, in lively phrases and an ear for the incongruous…He is a skilled storyteller, and the play-by-play he provides for his various matches pulls you in like a good sports story.

The one strange thing is the reviewer is disappointed that, as presented in Trebekistan and Ken Jennings’ book (reviewed at the same time), “Trebek and his staff are without flaw.” Bob makes it clear contestants can’t say much about the people running Jeopardy! because they barely meet them. There are actual reasons for this; i.e., to prevent accusations of collusion and fraud. It would be a problem for the show if during his winning streak Jennings had been going on luxurious Mediterranean cruises with Trebek and the people who write the clues.