Meanwhile in Connecticut

After a lull, things are getting interesting again:

The second debate Wednesday in the U.S. Senate race broadened to five candidates, with Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman the target for his support of the Iraq war, Connecticut’s dwindling share of homeland security funds and America’s continuing dependence on foreign oil.

* * *

Unlike the first debate, much of this forum was devoted to the war, national security and dealing with Iran and North Korea.

* * *

Lieberman said he did not want to “dishonor” the sacrifices of American soldiers in Iraq by pulling out before the country is stabilized. Lamont said keeping troops there exacerbates the insurgency, and he would bring most of them home in a year to 18 months as an incentive for Iraq to solve its political problems.

* * *

Lieberman took a hit for the drop in homeland security money for Connecticut to $15 million, the lowest in New England on a per capita basis.

“Sen. Lieberman’s tenure on the Homeland Security Committee has not brought back results for the state of Connecticut,” Lamont said.

And for a little comic relief:

Lieberman’s campaign manager, Sherry Brown, said the debate showed the senator is being attacked from the left and the right and he is therefore the only one who can bring the country together.

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