Greenwald reviews Handbasket


What is most striking and accomplished about Tom Tomorrow’s cartoons is that they convey how ludicrous and extreme our political dialogue has become without veering much at all from what that dialogue actually is. He is able to incisively capture the idiocy and deceit that lies at the heart of our political debates without distorting what is being said. Unlike most cartoonists, he relies very little on hyperbole, unstated inferences or cheap insult in order to mock his subjects because his subjects are sufficiently ludicrous and corrupt on their own and do not need to be exaggerated in order to be exposed.

The format of the cartoon can make anything seem somewhat frivolous and absurd. For exactly that reason, it is an ideal format for examining the political events and political debates of the last five years. Our political dialogue has degenerated well into the realm of the absurd, and the cartoons in Hell in a Handbasket convey that absurdity in a visceral though highly accurate way.