An interesting Freudian slip

At least I assume that’s what it was, when Alberto Gonzales told Sean Hannity last week that the President is committed to bringing “the masterminds of the 9/11 Commission” to justice.

But hey, who knows?

Hannity: Why would we use the Geneva Conventions as our standard, number one, and why would we confer rights to enemy combatants, considering we’ve never done that before?

Gonzales: Well, we’re not saying the Geneva Convention provides the standards here. But the president never intended that we would detain people indefinitely if we didn’t have to. The president fundamentally believes that in certain cases it is best to bring people to justice, particularly those involved, the masterminds of the 9/11 Commission, if we can bring them to justice, we ought to try to do so, he believes that would bring some level of closure to some of the families of the victims …

Listen for yourself.

(Just to be clear: no fakery here. This is an actual, unaltered clip from the Sean Hannity radio broadcast of Sept. 7, 2006.)