Lose The Dead Weight, CNN

It pretty common among bloggers to offer their criticisms as faux advice, such as “Dear Mr. President, do yourself a favor and stop being a moron.” Pretending to show concern is a good trick, since it’s an easy way to rewrite the same complaints without boring yourself or your audience. I bring this up just to make it clear that this post should not be interpreted in that way. I know there are people from CNN who read this blog and I sincerely hope they take the following message to heart.

Nancy Grace is a irrational lunatic whose obsession with revenge undermines any credibility she may have once had. Please fire her.

Reliable “legal experts” don’t foam at the mouth when a lack of physical evidence keeps a suspect from being charged with a crime. In comparison to CNN’s legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, Grace’s show offers analysis akin to a torch-wielding leader of a lynch mob. Evidence, due process, and rule of law are moot on Grace’s show since the goal is never to discuss the legal process, but to seek vengeance against all criminals, regardless of their guilt.

What makes Grace’s show especially heinous is that her shtick panders to the most ignorant and emotionally charged impulses in her audience. The rage in her voice is palpable as she interviews anyone with gall to defend someone charged with a crime. Indeed, even guests who play the devil’s advocate are treated with derision as if discussion of the simple fact that our legal system provides the assumption of innocence is a sign that they lack her moral clarity. In Nancy Grace’s world, being charged with a crime is a guilty sentence.

There are some who might argue that Grace’s program exists to provoke discussion and that my reaction is proof that she “must be doing something right”. Well, if CNN’s goal is to move away from news gathering and analysis and turn their airwaves into a intellectually-stunted spectacle, then mission accomplished. But I’d like to give CNN the benefit of the doubt and not jump to the conclusion that they’d willingly throw away their reputation to a prurient thrill for the short-term gain of some advertiser revenue. Despite my frequent complaints about CNN, I still think they’re the best of the big three cable news networks.

So please, CNN, get rid of Nancy Grace. Your affiliation with her cheapens your entire network.