Signs of the times, cont’d.

It just gets stupider and stupider.

PITTSBURGH, 6:20 p.m. EST March 17, 2003 – The French position on the Iraqi situation has prompted protests throughout the United States.

Protesting french fries is easy. Just change the name to something like USA Fries or Freedom Fries.

Protesting French wine is easy too. Just pour it out.

“Nobody takes it seriously, and especially not France,” said Josh Wander, of White Oak. “It doesn’t make a difference to them if fries are called Freedom Fries.”

Wander told WTAE-TV’s Whitney Drolen that the answer is easy: Just send back France’s best-known gift.

“A strong response like sending the Statue of Liberty back would be appropriate at this point,” he said.

Wander has posted a petition on the Web site

Those of you who mockingly suggested this over the past few days may now understand the difficulties facing a satirist in times when reality so often surpasses satire.

(Unless, of course, this is a joke. But looking at the guy’s site, he seems completely earnest.)

Afterthought: the more I think about this one, the more I think it must be a joke.