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Last night Christopher Hitchens told the audience on Bill Maher’s show they were “frivolous.” Then he gave them the finger and told them “fuck you”:

HITCHENS: [Ahmadinejad] says the Messiah is about to come back. Who’s looking for a war here?

MAHER: So does George Bush, by the way. [Audience applauds] That’s not facetious.

HITCHENS: That’s not facetious. Your audience, which will clap at apparently anything, is frivolous. [Audience groans, Hitchens gives them the finger] Fuck you, fuck you.

This prompted Instapundit to explain:

Should things go badly with the war, Maher’s audience — and, for that matter, Maher himself — will be cited by historians as evidence of the American opposition’s unseriousness.

Oh, if only it were possible for people like ourselves to be deeply, deeply serious like Christopher Hitchens and Glenn Reynolds. Sadly, that can never happen, for we are empty-headed ninnies.

la la la la la la la