1. I want to write something about people who made bets that Iraq had or did not have WMD. I myself bet $1000 they didn’t have anything, and I know someone who bet a dinner. But this really isn’t enough by itself. If you know anyone who made such a bet—in either direction—I’d really appreciate hearing about it.

2. As mentioned previously, Dennis Perrin of Red State Son will be appearing in a debate on the mideast this coming Wednesday the 30th in Tarrytown, New York, just north of Yonkers. Further information and ticket information is available here. Like I said before, if you go be sure to ask Dennis during the Q&A why he loves terrorism. I’ve never understood it.

3. DO NOT MISS these pictures by Bob of his seven favorite places on earth (mentioned in this Los Angeles Times piece he wrote, itself drawn from Prisoner of Trebekistan).