The Game’s Over, But He Still Thinks He’s Playing

Jeez. Joe “tied for third place” Lieberman doesn’t get it. The voters of Connecticut looked at you and your opponent and decided they like him better. End of story. The election is over and you lost. Cluelessness like this isn’t just infuriating, it’s pathetic :

“Now let me tell you how I see where we are now,” the senator continued, in a speech that was less of a concession than a confirmation that he would not back down. “I’m a sports fan, so I’m going to use a sports comparison, and as I see it in this campaign, we’ve just finished the first half and the Lamont team is ahead. But in the second half, our team — Team Connecticut — is going to surge forward to victory in November.”

Here’s a sports analogy you can wrap your head around :

You lost dude. Have a little dignity and give up.