I am in love

Reading Political Animal, I just learned the Syrian ambassador to the U.S. has his own blog.

I am in love with the internet, and I don’t care who knows it.

PREVIOUSLY, ON PLANET EARTH: Here’s famous Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov writing in 1974:

“Far in the future, more than 50 years from now, I foresee a universal information system (UIS), which will give everyone access at any given moment to the contents of any book that has ever been published or any magazine or any fact. The UIS will have individual miniature-computer terminals, central control points for the flood of information, and communication channels incorporating thousands of artificial communications from satellites, cables, and laser lines. Even the partial realization of the UIS will profoundly affect every person, his leisure activities, and his intellectual and artistic development. Unlike television… the UIS will give each person maximum freedom of choice and will require individual activity. But the true historic role of the UIS will be to break down the barriers to the exchange of information among countries and people.