One last Neil

A video from the new CD, featuring scenes from An Inconvenient Truth.


And this concludes Neil Week, here at TMW. For further Neil Young updates, be sure to check out his official website. My thanks again to Bill Bentley at Lookout Management for providing the CDs. I’m going to shut the contest down pretty soon — once the note is gone from the announcements box above, that means it’s over. I think this also concludes my contributions for our broadcast week, though others may pitch in — I was up half the night due to a power outage and I’m a little frazzled today. Be sure to scroll down to Bob’s entry about his new book, if you missed it. (By the way: I really, really enjoyed his book, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about Jeopardy; the only time I’ve seen an episode in maybe fifteen years was when Bob was on. This is a wise and funny book and it’s about much more than a game show, though fans of that show will find much to enjoy as well.)