Billmon again

Great. Lebanon is in flames, the Iraqis are playing Name That Death Squad, the neocons want to renact Hiroshima in Iran, the Turks are talking about settling scores with the Kurds, the Taliban are cultivating their Pashtun gardens, and Bush’s butler is giving us existentialist psychobabble.

I think he may be even more deranged than his master. The other day Blair said something to the effect that he was absolutely confident — way down in that “irreducible core” of his — that his Middle East policies are correct. It was the sort of thing Shrub might say if he knew what the word “irreducible” means.

I remember thinking: Anyone who has even a smidgeon of knowledge about, or experience in, the Middle East, and who says he is absolutely, 100% certain he has the right answers, is either a liar, a fanatic, or Tom Friedman — which is to say, a world-class educated fool.

Blair, unfortunately, is all three.

Just go, and start scrolling.