For the film buffs in the audience

My friend Louis in Austin sent me this:

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse has on an ongoing basis the Rolling Roadshow – an inflatable screen, good projection and sound — so they can show films at different locations. They showed Jaws on a beach where everybody had to have their feet in the water, Dazed and Confused at the Park where the park party scene was filmed, Goonies at the bottom of a cave, Earthquake on the Balcones Fault, Friday the 13th at a summer camp, and Shock Corridor at an insane asylum.

Last year they literally took their show on the road. They screened Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the Devil’s Tower, Once Upon a Time in the West in Monument Valley, Last Picture Show in Archer City, TX, It Came From Outer Space 3D in Roswell, NM, North By Northwest in Bakersfield, CA where Cary Grant runs from the biplane (they had the screening buzzed by crop dusters) and so on.

They are doing it again this year:

The Warriors shown in Coney Island, Brooklyn.
Aug. 2

BEFORE THE SCREENING: Subway Scavenger Hunt – Meeting Location: 97th Street and Riverside Park (the filming location of the conclave) – Teams can sign up in groups of nine delegates. All participants are requested to be in full ‘colors’, just as gang members are in the film. The heir to Cyrus will be there to kick off the rally and give your team instructions. The team that arrives at the screening location first with all aspects of the scavenger hunt completed wins. Prizes: Brunch on Thursday August 3rd with some of the original Warriors, and a set of nine leather Warriors vests!
AFTER THE SCREENING: Members of the cast and crew will conduct a Q&A. Confirmed cast members are Deborah Van Valkenburgh (Mercy) , Michael Beck (Swan), Roger Hill (Cyrus), David Harris (Cochise), Terry Michos (Vermin), Brian Tyler (Snow), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Tom McKitterick (Cowboy), and Thomas G. Waites (Fox). Stay tuned for more confirmations.
If anyone knows how to find PAUL GRECO please have him contact

Jaws shown at Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard
Saturday, August 5


Clerks shown in an empty lot across the street from the convenience store where it was shot.
The Quick Stop, 58 Leonard Ave., Leonardo, N.J.
Aug. 8

BEFORE THE SCREENING: “Quick Stop Street Hockey Cup” Event Time: 5:30 Sign up, Face Off: 6:00
Dante was never supposed to go to work that day – he had a street hockey game that afternoon. As a part of the event, you can compete in the Clerks inspired “Quick Stop Street Hockey Cup”. Stay tuned for more details on how to enter.
AFTER THE SCREENING: Kevin Smith and members of the cast of Clerks will answer questions.


Ferris Buellers Day Off at the Cedar Lane Water Tower, Cedar Lane, Northbrook Il. (The “Save Ferris” water tower),
Aug. 10

AFTER THE SCREENING: “John Hughes” 80s Prom – Join Netflix for an 80s prom, a tribute to “brat pack” director John Hughes. Vintage formal attire suggested but not required. A Prom King and Queen will be crowned at the dance. Dance contest will be judged by celebrity judges. The prom is 21 + and there will be an open bar . All attendees of the film are welcome to join us at the Prom. You MUST pick up a wristband at the screening location registration to gain entrance to the prom.


Field of Dreams at Left and Center Field of Dreams, 30318 Golf Course Road, Dyersville, IA
Aug. 11

BEFORE THE SCREENING: At 6:00 PM, Baseball players, families and movie fans alike can come out early to participate in the Shoeless Joe Jackson Run the Bases Tournament. At 7:00, the “Ghost Players” will emerge from the corn field, “have a catch,” meet the fans and answer questions about the making of Field of Dreams.
*Please note, there are two properties associated with the Field of Dreams. Our event is being held at Left and Center Field of Dreams.

The Shining at the Stanley Hotel, 333 Wonderview Ave Estes Park, CO
Aug. 16
This screening is free, seating is first come first serve.

BEFORE THE SCREENING: 10 Minute Horror Story Contest: In honor of the Stanley Hotel’s place in the horror writing genre, Netflix will be accepting entrants in a horror story writing contest. Entrants will compete to write a short horror story in 10 minutes. Before contestants start writing, we will reveal an opening line of dialogue, an object to be incorporated and a charater’s name. Contestants have 10 minutes to write a short “Stephen King inspired” horror story. Every entrant gets to read their stories. The winning short story will receive a $1000 cash prize!

Complete the experience and reserve a room at the Stanley Hotel

THE SEARCHERS at Gouldings Lodge, 1000 Main Street at Highway 163 Monument Valley, UTAH
Aug. 18

If the West is defined by the landscape of John Wayne films, this location is the epicenter. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the quintessential John Ford and John Wayne film. We’ll be screening the movie in the great outdoors near Gouldings Lodge, where director Ford and the cast and crew s stayed while filming “The Searchers.”
BEFORE THE SCREENING: The day of the screening, a tour of the shooting locations in the valley will be available. The Lodge is housed in an original 1920s trading post that featuring a museum devoted to the area’s cinematic and Native American history.

Raising Arizona at 6109 N. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ
Aug. 20

BEFORE THE SCREENING: Nathan Jr. Scavenger Hunt – Continuing the plot line from the movie, you can compete in the Nathan Jr. Scavenger Hunt before the film. Teams will meet at 1 p.m. at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction. Each team will be given a list of items to be hunted, photos to be taken and additional challenges. A list of clues will lead teams to 10 Nathan Jr. baby dolls hidden around the area. Teams will report back at 7 p.m. with their items, photos and dolls.

AFTER THE SCREENING: Stick around after the film to watch a slide show of some of the more inspired scavenger hunt photos set to the soundtrack of “Raising Arizona.” The winning scavenger hunt team will also be announced. Grand prize: a vintage Airstream trailer similar to the one H.I. and Ed shared in the movie.


Poseidon Adventure at R.M.S. Queen Mary, The Queen’s Salon, 1126 Queens Hwy., Long Beach, CA
Aug. 24

Star Stella Stevens live in person!

BEFORE THE SCREENING: VIP Winners will be treated to an invitation-only cocktail party before the screening on board the now permanently-docked Queen Mary. Memorabilia and photos from the making of the film will be on display.
AFTER THE SCREENING: Following the screening, winners of VIP tickets will take a guided tour of the elegant and historic ship, with an emphasis on the filming locations of “Poseidon Adventure.”
Since there is limited space at this location, tickets will be required for the screening. Check the Netflix Site for promotional details about how tickets can be won.


Escape From Alcatraz at Alcatraz Island – Take the Ferry from Pier 41 in Fisherman’s Wharf on the Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA
Aug. 26

BEFORE THE SCREENING: Enjoy a tour of the prison’s filming locations and a VIP reception.
AFTER THE SCREENING: winners can spend the night in Cell Block D, the maximum security wing of the prison, where Al Capone and the Birdman of Alcatraz were locked up.