–The winners of the signed book contest from Michael Moore’s site have been notified via email, but unfortunately, some of them haven’t sent in a mailing address yet. Check your email, because if they don’t hear from you within a week, new winners will be selected. (I’ve got a box of books sitting in my hallway waiting to be signed, and I’d really like to get them out of there.)

–Atrios is exactly right about this morning’s cartoon — reality has outpaced satire. I finished the new one before reading that talk show hosts really were fantasizing about ugly ways for Bill Keller to die, and that real life Rightwing Nutcases were trying to find out what schools the reporters they dislike send their children to. Believe it or not, when I finished the cartoon last Thursday, I was worried that the Rightwing Nutcase’s violent rhetoric would seem way too over the top. Now I think I didn’t go far enough.