Dennis Perrin & Red State Son

Many visitors here may already be familiar with Red State Son, Dennis Perrin’s unique blog. But for anyone who isn’t, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Dennis is a longtime commentator on politics—he was on the writing staff of Politically Incorrect in its early, funny incarnation—and author of two books: Mr. Mike, a biography of SNL’s Michael O’Donoghue, and American Fan, about our frenzied sports culture.

That alone would indicate Dennis is an interesting dude. But there’s much, much more to him. Start with this: “Atoning at Night: A Janitor’s Tale”.

Then you could move on to “Reggie White Wash” about Reggie White’s heart full of hate; “Punchy”, about Christopher Hitchens’ propensity to rewrite his own past; “Sad Libs”; “Freedom Granted, Freedom Won”; and more!

After that, if you’re so moved you might send Dennis a few bucks. I’ve been trying for seeming years to persuade him to promote himself—just getting him to put up a pay pal button has been like pulling teeth. Our little corner of the world can only grow stronger if we support each other, and Dennis is someone we need in the fight.