A quick book note

Glenn Greenwald writes:

How much of an impact the book can have is obviously a by-product of how much attention it receives, which, in turn, is determined by how well it sells. One way to begin is for those who have read the book to leave reviews on Amazon and other online retailers. Apparently, informative reviews — especially those written by people who seem to have actually read the book — can play a significant role in helping to promote the book.

Glenn’s new book is here, and is highly recommended. My own book only has a handful of reviews so far, so if you’re inclined to do that sort of thing, it sounds like it can be more helpful than I realized.

Oh, and by the way, if you didn’t click through the You Tube video below, you’re missing out on a truly sublime experience.

… and speaking of reviews, just got another Unsolicited Testimonial:

I just received your book from Amazon. I’d ordered it as a package deal with “How Would a Patriot Act”. The graphic reproduction is truly first class, and the comics themselves are (unfortunately) quite prescient. I figure if I put it on my coffee table it will attract my kids, their friends, or my friends and in a very natural way help me to spread the message that this administration is corrupt, incompetent and brutal. This is the reality we live in, and I find it hard to express it without stumbling over my own words. Fortunately for us, you’ve put eloquent words to most, if not all, of the progressive causes that make this country great. And the cartoon format makes the ideas approachable, endearing and memorable.

I’d recommend the book to anyone. It’s a simple way to support progressive discourse in America. When I think of the hundreds of bucks I dropped on the Kerry campaign, and the vapid safe posturing I got in return, the investment in this book seems a bargain. Buy the book. Share it with your loved ones — especially those who are still slumbering.

PS — The ‘toons look *way* cooler in the book than they do on a computer monitor.