Don’t forget

For the next week and a half, if you sign up for Michael Moore’s email list, you’ll be eligible to win a signed copy of Hell in a Handbasket.

* * *

Or you can just go ahead and buy the book, and if you are a regular reader of the strip and/or visitor to this site and haven’t done so, now’s the time, before the damn thing vanishes entirely. It may be “just a compilation” of work you think you’ve already read, but unless you’ve committed everything I’ve ever done to photographic memory, you’re going to find plenty in there you either forgot about or missed the first time around. (Anyway, what’s so bad about compilations? When a columnist like Krugman puts out a compilation, it makes the best seller list. What do you people have against cartoonists, anyway?)

Seriously, if you want to support the site, support the cartoon — this is far and away the best way to do so right now, and it’ll only cost you about ten bucks. This is maybe some of the best work I’ve done, and if this one doesn’t do well, there’s a pretty good chance that’ll be it for my book publishing career. If you like the idea, in theory, of having these books in print, then you need to do something about it in practice.

(And of course, profuse thanks to everyone who has already bought the damn book.)