Too much news

Was out of town overnight. Got home around noon, and immediately cranked out a new cartoon about the latest NSA revelations, which I just finished a few minutes ago. The cartoon that got bumped was about Porter Goss and the hookergate stuff. Now I see that Dusty Foggo’s home has been raided by the FBI. (Atrios will have the links, I’m too beat right now). It’s always a balancing act, trying to look ahead and guess what’s going to be in the news and on people’s minds, when the next cartoon sees print. We’ll see if I guessed right or not on this one.

Anyway, a reader sent these images in, noting that they were suddenly timely again, and I wanted to post them before I closed up shop for the day. These are a couple of posters I designed in the early nineties, for a software company that somehow was involved in these issues — I don’t remember the details. They’ve apparently become quite the collector’s items — I get email pretty regularly from people wanting to know if they’re available anywhere. Unfortunately, I don’t even have copies of the full size posters myself. If anybody does have them, I wouldn’t mind getting a high quality scan from you.