Another unsolicited testimonial

As a Brooklynite, a fan of your cartoons since forever, and a reader of your blog since October 2001, I thought I’d take a second to thank you for my birthday present, your book, even though my brother paid for it. (And don’t worry, I bought him one for his birthday, too.)

It’s creepy. My husband and I keep reading your cartoons, shaking our heads ruefully about how they hit home, and then exclaiming, “He wrote that in the fall of 2003?!” You definitely win the “I told you so” award. Well, we all do, we all told them so, but you were the one being artistic and witty.

So thanks. It’s depressing as hell, but we feel confirmed in our
(in)sanity and we’re really enjoying the book.

Remember, every book I sell helps keep this blog online for a few more precious seconds.