“A monstrous challenge and insult to the authority of the White House”

I’ve added several new reader reviews of the book, here. A couple of my favorites:

Believe it or not, there are still folks in Utah who haven’t been introduced to your amazing cartoonery. So I bought two books, one for myself, and one for my mother and father in-laws. The in-laws couldn’t put it down, and neither could my older kids, who swiped my copy to share with their friends at their high school. Just as a great testimonial to the supposed power of your book, one of the counselors at their high school, who got a peek at it when we returned to Oregon, declared that anyone else bringing such a “monstrous challenge and insult to the authority of the White House” would be suspended from school on the spot. Haven’t seen any suspensions yet, but we hope to soon! My in-laws said that This Modern World is the best strip they have seen in years and is even better than what they remember of Doonesbury when it came out. Thanks for all your work!

From St Johns Booksellers in Portland Oregon:

We’ve already sold thru our first prepack of ‘Hell in a Handbasket” which is no mean feat for a small bookstore only open nine months in the same town as the mighty Powell’s. (The only other two books that have sold as well are Al Franken’s “The Truth’ and Neil Gaiman’s ‘Anansi Boys.”)

Even better, there’s an election here in May. We’re having a forum with the candidates at the store, and asked them to provide a list of titles they’d recommend to their customers. As you can see, Jim Robison suggested ‘Hell…”

If you click through, you’ll also find handy instructions on how to turn all the useless change from your dresser drawer into a copy of HIAH. And there’s the guy who says that HIAH “is enough to make somebody want to throw themselves under a bus.” But he means it in a good way.

(Also, just for the record, I know diddly-squat about Jim Robison, apart from the fact that he has excellent taste in reading matter.)