Two quick notes from your mostly-absent proprietor

1. If you got a set of the Sparky & Blinky statuettes before the company went out of business, and would be interested in trading them for a signed TMW original, shoot me an email. (I went digital in 1999, so there’s a finite supply of original strips. I sell one or two a year on eBay; they usually go for upwards of $500.)

2. Yet another unsolicited testimonial about the new book:

Like others I know, I’ve spent the past several years reading your cartoon for free every Tuesday on This afternoon, after cashing my check, I did my duty by swinging by my local bookstore and purchasing a copy of your book. And WOW! It surpassed all expectations; I plan to buy an additional copy for my brother and sister-in-law. For one, the vivid colors are lost when the comic is read online, and really add something to the art. But by far the best reason to buy this book is to have all of the cartoons in one place, in top visual form. This collection of comics, viewed together, acts as a timeline of our descent into collective insanity, presented with nightmarish hilarity. And the title fits: your book is an absurdist view of hell.