Checking in with the GOP Team Leaders

The latest two missives from the astroturf factory:

I’m outraged by Ohio Congresswoman
Marcy Kaptur’s comparison of terrorist Osama bin Laden to our Founding Father George Washington.

I agree with Paul Begala when he said, two nights ago on CNN’s Crossfire, “Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. You were right to call her on it and I just — I can’t defend it. I never
will — the notion that anybody could compare this murderer to our Founding Fathers is insane,” Begala said.

Shame on you, Marcy Kaptur!

* * *

After all the empty talk in Washington about fixing important entitlements programs, something refreshing happened this week: the President delivered a remarkably sensible blueprint for fixing Medicare and dramatically improving the quality of health care for all seniors.

Choice is an important element of this proposal. Seniors would be given the same kinds of choices currently available to members of Congress, with traditional Medicare still an option, and they wouldn’t be forced into HMOs. Also included is long overdue relief for runaway prescription drug costs, with a new discount card and an additional subsidy for poor seniors.

The partisan bickering in Washington over Medicare has gone on for too long, and it’s time for Congress to come through for seniors this year. The President’s plan, with its emphasis on giving Medicare the funding it needs and providing better benefits, seems like an excellent starting point.

My exhaustive research (a quick Google search) turns up no hits on the first one, and only one so far on the second. And it appears that this blog is already on the story.