Unsolicited testimonial

Having just devoted a week of my life to flogging the book, it’s gratifying to get an email like this one:

I bought “Hell in a Handbasket” this weekend, and I love it. I was a little reluctant to buy it, since I had read all of the cartoons when they came out. I’m guessing many of your readers might feel the same way. However, reading them consecutively rather than weekly adds a lot to the enjoyment. Also, it’s great to see proof that liberals were making prescient arguments at the time the events were unfolding and that we really aren’t just criticizing in hindsight (this is, of course, how I remember it, but memory can be tricky). Also, the quality of the printing is great and there are a lot of classic strips in there.

My wife loved it, too. She loved it so much she suggested that I buy one for my mom for Mother’s Day. (My mom “Yoostabee” a Republican, but Bush has turned her into raging liberal.) So, in addition to being great political satire, it also makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

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(Still recuperating from five cities in five days. Real blogging will commence eventually.)

… also: many thanks to the generous reader who sent the Fantagraphics Complete Peanuts volumes off the Wish List for my birthday (which falls this year on the oddly sequential date 04-05-06…)