Uh…when did schools start tasering 14 year-olds?

Did you know high schools and even middle schools have started using tasers on students? I didn’t.

There’s a brewing controversy on this now in Wichita, Kansas, which I learned about from Jake Lowen of the excellent organization Hope Street Youth Development. Here’s the timeline he sent:

February: Wichita Police introduce tasers into schools.

Early March: Students at Wichita West High School discover this and are understandably concerned. Organized by Hope Street, they gather 250 signatures on a letter to the school district asking about health effects and the district’s use policy.

March 16th: A 15 year-old student is tasered during a confrontation at another high school, Wichita North. However, no one except those involved know at the time because the school district covers it up.

The next week: The tasering becomes public thanks to an anonymous tip from a teacher. The Wichita Eagle criticizes the school district for trying to hide it.

Today, March 30th: The Wichita Eagle reveals two other attempts to taser students, including a 14 year-old girl.

If you know anything more about schools using tasers, either where you live or elsewhere, I’d be very curious to hear about it—either in comments here or via email. And if you’re wondering why this matters, you can read Amnesty International’s 2004 report, documenting 114 (adult) deaths from tasers.