Tour Update

Over at his site, Bob posted this update from the first stop on Tom’s book tour :

Gratituitous further plug for Tom Tomorrow’s live appearances on the west coast this week: Book Soup in West Hollywood on Tuesday, Booksmith in SF on Wednesday, Stacey’s in SF and Cody’s in Berkeley on Thursday, and the Elliot Bay Bookstore in Seattle on Friday.

He’s an old friend and it’s fun to do Sparky’s voice (as I did at a Barnes & Noble here in NYC tonight), but I’d never seen him appearing live. Worth seeing. The cartoons are cool, hearing some of the backstory of how they came into being is cooler, and his honesty and sense of humor in the Q&A is coolest of all. Also, the book is gorgeous.

I haven’t seen Tom perform either, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him in Los Angeles tonight. If live near any of the stops, check it out. Tour details are here.