Best George Bush face of all

Greg and Mr. Tomorrow have produced pictures of George Bush looking quite peculiar.

Nevertheless, I believe my Bush photograph below trumps them all.

Still, I’m not displaying this to denigrate Bush; just the opposite. As I said some time ago on my own site:

I don’t like the “look at this picture of [someone I disagree with] looking stupid!” school of commentary. If you take enough pictures of any person, they will look stupid in a least a few of them. Thus, all you’re proving when you do this is that the person you disagree with is a person. What an achievement.

So that’s not what I’m getting at with this picture. On the contrary: it reminds me of George Bush’s berserk humanity. Nothing, not even the power of the presidency, can protect human beings from the silliness within us all.

ALSO: When you saw this picture, did you try to make this face yourself? Be honest.