The imminent book

I’ll be on tour the week of March 27, hitting New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley and Seattle. I should have specific appearance information for each city soon.

I apologize in advance for flogging the book to the extent that I probably will — I know how tedious that sort of thing can be. But as I’ve mentioned before, this one is particularly important. If this one doesn’t do well, I’m really not entirely sure that there’ll be another. There sure won’t be another in full color, I can guarantee you.

(I’m also feeling a bit edgy because the publicist I’ve been working with for the past few months was just let go. It’s not quite as bad as losing your editor three weeks before pub date, but it’s not an ideal situation.)

Right now, the best way to support the site, the cartoonist, the whole shebang, is to buy the damn book. Ad’s over to your left.

(And if you want to send a note to, say, The Daily Show or the Colbert Report, suggesting a guest you’d like to see on, well, who am I to discourage you?)