Comments just crashed

Don’t know why. Working on it.

All better now.

… but speaking of comments …

My nice quiet little corner of the internet has suddenly become a raucous party. Not sure how I feel about that, though you all seem like a pretty nice crowd. Only one real troll so far, and he/she was polite enough — but far too insistent. Here’s the deal: if this is a raucous party, it’s for me and my friends. If you’re going to barge in and demand to be the center of attention and generally behave like the loud drunk that no one invited, you’ll be eighty-sixed.

Also, a comments week rule arising from the Colbert thread: anyone who suggests that the host’s choice of a given topic is too frivilous when there are Serious Issues in the World To Be Solved will have their comment run through a pirate translator and reposted.

Sample comment: How can you waste time writing about your new book when there are children starving in the world?

Sample comment run through pirate translator: Yarrr! How can ye waste time writin’ about your new book when thar be sprogs starvin’ in t’ world?

Like that.