Christ on a crutch

Atrios caught this letter in the Times:

I am the author of “Bible Code II: The Countdown,” mentioned by Bill Keller in his March 8 column.
My Pentagon briefing about the Bible Code took place on Feb. 21 and was attended by top military intelligence officials.
Both American and Israeli intelligence are now using the Bible Code to hunt for Osama bin Laden. What possible loss is there in that?
Why do United States and Israeli intelligence take the code seriously? Not, as Mr. Keller writes, because “we’re all a little too desperate these days,” but because the Bible Code keeps coming true.
We have a real enemy to find and fight, the one who attacked us: Osama bin Laden. Discouraging top American intelligence officials from checking out information that might lead to the Qaeda leader is bad for our country.
We are in a war that must be won.
New York, March 9, 2003

That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach is the realization that our future is quite literally in the hands of the certifiably insane.

Update: here’s a link to Keller’s article. And here’s a bit more from a reader:

The author of those Bible Code books is, in all probability, insane. But he’s amusing/cooky insane as opposed to dangerous/wild-eyed insane. I
think I saw him on The 700 Club a few years ago and (I swear I saw this with my own two eyes) he told Robertson that he didn’t believe in God and said that the Bible Code is the work of aliens. The look on Pat’s face and the bum’s rush he gave the guy made the hours I’ve wasted watching that show worth it in one instant.

(Man, it’s nice to have this site working normally again.)