Moving right along

It has the look of something that could easily turn out to be a hoax, and a Google search on “Manfred Schedlovski” returns nothing but references back to this one article –but I choose to believe this anyway:

New research suggests hot sex can cure the common cold.

Swiss scientist Manfred Schedlovski claims his experiments show that regular love-making increases the amount of phagocyte cells, which boost the body’s immune system and fight the microbes that cause colds.

He claims the number of phagocytes – which attack alien antibodies, causing them to self-destruct – significantly increases during sexual intercourse.

And according to Schedlovski’s research, the number of phagocyte cells can even double after an orgasm, allowing alien microbes to be detected and destroyed more quickly.

Immunologist Peter Schleicher is among scientists to support Schedlovski’s theory.

He told Bild am Sonntag newspaper: “Not only does sex heal our body, it also sustains its immune system.”

I’m all about the healthy living.