I saw one of those “Dissent is PATRIOTIC” bumper stickers this morning, with the flags in the background and the bold-yet-traditional typeface, and it got me thinking, as bumper stickers are intended to do. And what it got me thinking about was the fact that it was a reactive bumper sticker, a response to all the right wing morons who’ve spent the last four years insisting, in one way or another, that dissent is treasonous. It’s a slogan that accepts the parameters of the debate they set. So I decided that what we really need are proactive slogans, and thanks to the miracle of Cafe Press, I’ve gone from inspiration to marketed commodities in the space of an hour:

While I was at it, I put up another one I’ve had bouncing around in the back of my head for awhile — this one dedicated to those alleged libertarians who seem utterly unconcerned with the erosion of civil liberties, and completely willing to trust the current administration with the excessive powers it claims for itself:

Both of these designs are available on stickers, and a variety of other crap, in the store.