Everyone else is doing it — so I, too, will go way out on a limb, putting my very credibility as a political and social observer at risk:


1. Bad things will happen in the world.
2. Good things will also happen.
3. Conservative bloggers will blame liberals for the former.
4. Conservative bloggers will take credit for the latter.
5. Winter will be followed by spring.
6. Bill O’Reilly will act like an egomaniacal buffoon.
7. Spring will be followed by summer.
8. New revelations will prove the Bushies to be even more corrupt and incompetent than we already thought, and we already thought they were pretty darned corrupt and incompetent.
9. Americans will be afraid of something.
10. George W. Bush will pull off his human flesh-mask on live tv, revealing his true identity as the ancient and monstrous entity, Cthulhu.

Okay, that last one is kind of a wild card.