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I’m going just a little crazy trying to wrap up deadlines and get everything done before that holiday we liberals hate rolls around. So I expect blogging to be sort of sporadic and then fizzle out altogether over the next few days.

But this is too damn good not to post. And I know it’s a trite catchphrase used too often in lieu of actual thought, but in this case it’s almost imperative: read the whole thing.

9/11 changed everything. Suddenly the he-men of WalMart and the NRA leaped into Big Brother’s arms and shrieked “save me, save me! Do what ever you have to do, they’re trying to kill us all!” They now look to Daddy Government not to discipline the children, but to check under the bed for them every night, reassure them that the boogeyman won’t hurt them and then read them a nice bedtime story about spreading freedom and democracy. It turns out that underneath all this swaggering bravado, the Republicans aren’t the Daddy party — they’re the baby party.

(Incidentally, the author of that post, Digby, is doing a little fundraising…)

* * *

And as if to prove the point, Bill O’Reilly’s viewers weigh in …