Bananas in Pajamas

I haven’t been following this terribly closely, but there’s a point I haven’t seen anyone make: Pajamas Open Not The MSM Whatever They Call Themselves Media are basically the Bush administration writ small. Many of them are neocons in the original sense of the coinage, Yoostabees who’ve gone over utterly to the dark side. And they’ve spent a lot of time discussing their fantasies about the world with one another, until they’ve lost track of the difference between fantasy and reality–and now they’re trying to impose their fantasy life on the real world. And yet, they don’t seem to have any real plan for what happens next.

The upside is, nobody dies for this fuckup. Some not very bright investors lose some money, and a couple of liberals who’ve been bought off to play Alan Colmes end up looking like sellouts–but nobody dies.

A better writer than I could carry this metaphor out more succesfully, but those of you who follow these things probably get the idea.

(Atrios has some good links related to this, but I’m on the road tonight and too lazy to cut and paste, so you’ll have to do the heavy lifting yourself.)

(Also, a note to the Token Libs in this misbegotten enterprise–I don’t really care what kind of money they’re offering you to provide them with Colmes-ish “bipartisan” cover, this is a bad idea. I understand we’ve all got bills, and believe me, I’m no purist–but some lucre is just too filthy to be worth accepting. You’re not there because these people want a range of opinion–just look at their frigging blogroll. You’re there to provide cover for truly deplorable ideas. However you may justify this, you’ve crossed a line that you really should not have crossed. And I say this as someone who’s turned down more opportunities than a lot of people are ever offered, because in the long run, I’d prefer to retain at least a controlling interest in my own soul.)