Bugs Meany

Over at Crooks & Liars, where I’m guest posting for a couple of days, I posted this link to the Democratic party’s media contact page :

All you have to do is enter a zip code and it will bring up a form for you to contact multiple local and national media outlets at the same time. This is an especially useful resource if you wanted to, let’s say, contact the Arizona Daily Star and tell them that John McCain is a fraud whose “toughness” only comes out when it’s politically safe to do so or The Greenville News to tell the people of South Carolina that their Senator wants to destroy some of our most basic rights as Americans. With the public finally starting to wake up to the moral cowardice of the Republican majority, I can think of quite a few places that could use a friendly reminder that their representatives are part of the problem. So take advantage of the Democratic media contact page, folks. It’s a damn good resource that people don’t use nearly as often as they should.

The blogosphere is great at feeding and directing outrage, but not necessarily as good at actually channeling that outrage into something constructive. Writing a letter to the editor is the easiest thing in the world to do, and this just makes it easier. While I always encourage people to contact their representatives, going over their heads and taking your message to their constituents can help change of the minds of the only people Congressmen fear : voters who can put them out of a job.

Also, at the risk of turning this into a Corner-ite blogger conversation, let me just say that Conservative Jones, boy detective was one of the “smartest”, “edgiest”, and funniest TMW strips I’ve ever read. I’ve been meaning to email Tom privately to tell him how much I like it, but a strip that still makes me laugh out loud a month later deserves some public props.