“You will be considered enemies of the state”

I hope MWO will forgive me the lengthy excerpt from their site, but this is extraordinary:

Bill O’Reilly – 02/26:

“Once the war against Saddam Hussein begins, we expect every American to support our military, and if you can’t do that, just shut up.

Americans, and indeed our foreign allies who actively work against our military once the war is underway, will be considered enemies of the state by me.

Just fair warning to you, Barbra Streisand and others who see the world as you do. I don’t want to demonize anyone, but anyone who hurts this country in a time like this, well. Let’s just say you will be spotlighted.

Talking points invites all points of view and believes vigorous debate strengthens the country, but once decisions have been made and lives are on the line, patriotism must be factored in.”

Finally, the bait and switch. O’Reilly tells you that you must not only support American troops but support the Iraq policies of “the government” – Which means, of course, the policies, methods, and timetable of the unelected fraud who occupies the White House as a result of successfully fighting to crush democracy in America:

“This does not give the government carte blanche to do anything, but it does give the government the benefit of the doubt at least until that benefit is proven wrong as it was in Vietnam.”

No it doesn’t, you unAmerican loudmouth.

And how, pray tell, can government policy be “proven wrong” when Americans have been denied their freedom of speech? O’Reilly doesn’t tell his freshly frothed fans. He doesn’t have to – they’re Moron-American sheep who won’t ask.

But those patriots who believe the longer troops remain in Iraq the greater the risk to them and to American civilians as a result of an energized al Qaeda, winning new, insane, willing, suicidal recruits by the day are not only free to assert political pressure on the American government but morally obligated to speak out against that government policy.

No one is obligated to support policy that they believe risks the lives of American servicemen and ensures additional mass murders of thousands more American civilians at the hands of terrorists.