Well, this sucks

The company making the Blinky and Sparky statues has gone out of business. I don’t really have any other details. They had a run of bad luck this summer, and over the past month or two they kind of stopped returning my emails.

I do know this: they created extraordinary things, and it’s really a goddamn shame that it played out this way.

If you managed to get your hands on one of the sets, well, treat them with care — they are now quite literally irreplacable. If you have an outstanding order that wasn’t filled, check with your credit card company, but my understanding is, no one was charged until the figures were shipped.

(Note to any other manufacturer who might be interested in picking up the baton here: whatever happened with this company, it wasn’t due to a lack of interest in these figures — the first run sold out immediately. From what I can piece together, the problem was probably too much interest — it overwhelmed them, they couldn’t keep up.)