I probably won’t be able to attend, but it sounds like merriment will be had:

EXIT ART presents
an exhibition and the release of
World War 3 illustrated
25th anniversary issue
6-8 PM
475 10TH AVE. (AT 36TH ST.)
NYC 10018

The release party will also be the opening of a show of original art from WW3 with many of the artists in attendance.

Show will remain on display through Oct 27th
Gallery hours
Tues-Thurs 10-6
Fri 10-8
Sat 12-8
(212) 966-7745

WW3 is the longest running zine in history.

The new issue,”Neo Con” #36 edited by Ryan Inzana and Peter Kuper, includes a wraparound cover by Sue Coe and art, articles and comics by “the usual gang of agitators” including Eric Drooker, Seth Tobocman, Sabrina Jones,Mac Mcgill, Ryan Inzana, James Romberger,Chuck Sperry, Nicole Schulman (who co-edited a recent book on the history of the Wobblies ) plus a 9-11 strip by Zap comix luminary, Spain written byJustin Wertham , Joe Sacco’s account as an embedded journalist in Iraq, Princes Of Darkness an article on the history of Neo Cons by Eric Laursen as well as comics and illustrations by Steve Brodner,Tom Tomorrow, Sam Weber, Barron Storey, Barry Blitt, David Rees, Knickerbocker,Matt Bors,Tauno Biltsted,Sam Evans, Felix Sockwell and Thomas Fuchs.

For the first time in our history WW3 includes a color section with a new installment of Peter Kuper’s Richie Bush and Penny Allen’s WAR IS HELL a “Fumetti” (photo comic) assembled with photos by an American Sgt. in Iraq with his running commentary.

Please join us.