The good news is, I’ve just added papers in Santa Fe and Santa Cruz. The bad news is, I’ve just been dropped by the Detroit Metro Times. As always, I discourage astroturfing (which is why I don’t provide direct links in these cases), but if you live in the Detroit area, please be sure to drop the paper a line and let them know what you think of this decision. As I’ve noted before, the papers are my bread and butter — if I had to live off my online revenues, I’d be in trouble. They’re also the best way to reach the sort of reader who isn’t directly seeking me out, which I consider important. Anyway, if you read the Metro Times, I’d appreciate the help — editors are sometimes willing to reconsider these decisions if they get enough feedback.

…one more thing: be polite. Abusive email does far more harm than good.

…also: I make no secret of the fact that I’m encouraging this response, so an initial flood of email is easily discounted. The thing is to keep the responses flowing over a longer period of time — that’s sometimes the only way to convince an editor that you’re not just zombies reacting to my mind control beams, that you actually do want to see the cartoon continue in their paper.