Cafferty again

Stealing Atrios’ transcription this time.

Cafferty: Wolf, the war in Iraq is part of the problem in New Orleans. The Boston Globe reporting today that National Guard units across the country have about half their usual equipment. Everything from helicopters, trucks, humvees, weapons available to them. All the rest of the stuff has been sent off to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are 78000 National Guard troops who are now deployed in those overseas war zones. Even the hardest hit states have 40% of their National Guard troops in Irraq right now. What happens if there’s a terrorist attack tomorrow or a massive eearthquake in southern California? How would the nation respond? It’s a frightening thought. The question is this – if we’re to stay the course in Iraq should we bring the national guard troops home and institute a draft?

Wolf: blahlbahblah

Cafferty: Do you suppose, Wolf, that the arrival of the relief convoys and the political photo ops on the Gulf Coast happening at the same time were a coincidence today?

Wolf: blahblahblah. Jack, a final thought before I go.

Cafferty: It’s embarrassing.

Boston Globe article here.

The possibility of another catastrophic event is something I’ve been thinking about too. We’ve got a war in Iraq and devastation at home. We are stretched to the goddamn limit. If something else happens now…